Company founded in 1979, with an expertise of more than 38 years Electro has been consolidated as a industrial projects supplier for the most important sectors in the industry in a national and international level.

Integral solutions in commercialization, engineering, electromechanical work and automatization for the industry.

Electro is a high technology company which goal is to be technical and commercial advisors for our customers.

We have a great relationship with our customers in a variety of sectors within the industry with laser focus on Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Steel, Sugar Refinery, Chemistry and Petrochemistry.



Hannover Messe

Electro took part in in a very successful way in April, 2018 as a exhibitor in the most important fair in the world; “Hannover Messe”. In 2018, the guest country was México. Electro was part of an exclusive group of big mexican companies. We were present in the “Digital Factory” room that gather the most important companies in the world of the 4th Industry Revolution (Industry 4.0”). This expo provides a big momentum in the development of the company and our solutions.

Danfoss Association

The past Thursday, May 17th, Danfoss recognize Electro as “Business Partner”, this locate us within the best distributors of the brand and leader in the speed inverters market. Electro is a Danfoss distributor since 2006 and harvested a history full of success stories and a growing business altogether.

Expo Pack

Electro had a successful presence in one of the key fairs in the manufacturing industry of innovation and bottling processing along Northamerica and Latinoamerica; Expo Pack is only celebrated in key cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas, Guadalajara & Mexico City, the assistance is national and international including countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia among others.

On this occasion Electro joined forces with Lineview, a software company focused in manufacturing solutions that complemented the digital part services that Electro offers in the event.

This fair represented a strong antecedent in the market positioning within the domestic and international market.